We have done a lot of the planning for you

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We've done a lot of 

the planning for you

Fit Matters

Is Onero aligned to your own personal goals?  The Onero Programme by design will bring a certain demographic to your door in droves, but if your business is centred around 20 year old athletes, coaching speed and power - this seriously isn’t for you.  

However, if you are genuinely passionate about helping people in this demographic, than Onero is a great fit.  To help you make that decision we've listed the average client statistics for you.

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66.7% reduced fractures
62% increase in back strength
20% improvement in balance


Included in all licence packages are pre-designed marketing materials that include web-pages and brochures to promote Onero in alignment with the licence.  All logos, designs and creative are included as well as directions on how to implement seamlessly into your website.

Time is money

In the VIP Licence, we include 2 video's on how to run 30 minute classes vs 45 minute classes.  Why is this important?  Well because we have learnt that it is easier to implement 30 minute classes then to lose a time-poor client.  We have found that the 30 minute classes are a great way to capture these clients or clients wanting to escape the traffic or work full-time.  You don’t want these types of clients going elsewhere or worse to their local gym.  So lets cater for them!

Case studies and co-morbidities

We give you a link to The Bone Clinic's case-studies so potential clients can digest the research and read about the positive results.  We have scores of results that would take you a whole day to read through.  For VIP Licencees we also give you a list of the Top Ten Co-morbidities that will help you how to specifically deal with these types of clients.

Support and Starter Kit

Many exercise programs give you access to a new cohort of people, but it often needs tedious hand-holding.  We will provide 5 days a week support during business hours to help you navigate through unchartered waters. 

We will also give you an equipment starter kit that will aid you in what to buy, how to buy it, where to put it and then how to run it.  Don't spend additional dollars on equipment at the very start - you want to be profitable within 4 weeks.  So keep it tight.  We want you to have the same success as other current licencees by giving you the best practices metrics and models.  It’s as natural as including core work right into an exercise program!

Demographic statistics

  • Age = 64.8
  • Gender = 92% women
  • Lumbar spine T-score:  -1.69
  • Femoral Neck T-score: -2.29
  • user
    Prior 12 m fractures:  12
  • user
    Height:  160.07 cm
  • user
    Weight:  62.3 kg
  • Osteoporosis International, 2016
  • Journal of Bone Mineral Science, 2017
  • Spine Journal, 2018 ?
  • signal
    18 Abstracts and counting

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