Lumbar Spine BMD increase
Femoral Neck BMD increase


Good exercise programs improve balance and prevent risk of falling.
Great exercise programs do all that AND improve bone density.

Osteoporosis Australia CEO Greg Lyubomirsky says “this type of training can help people with osteoporosis and osteopenia. We know exercise is important for maintaining bone health and latest research is now showing there is a better way to exercise.

Professor Beck added “when it comes to our bones the research tells us not all exercise is equal. In fact exercise that is targeted, supervised and focuses on resistance and impact training is best.” 

Where can I find help?

Osteoporosis Australia has aligned with Onero (TM) an osteoporosis exercise program run by qualified exercise professionals.  Locations of accredited Onero practitioners are highlighted on the map below.

Coming Soon!

More and more exercise physiologists and physiotherapists are adopting the program, so that soon there will be an accredited Onero facility near you.  Watch this space.

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By using the interactive map to the left you can click on your local area to find an accredited Onero practitioner and call them directly.

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Mean % improvement after 12 months supervised Onero(TM)  training (n=121) [1]


Beck BR and Weis LJ: Translating high intensity loading for osteoporosis to the real world: Two year observations from The Bone Clinic. Research to Practice 2018, Brisbane, Australia, 27-29 March 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (Winner: Practitioner Award)