Sole Trader


150 to 285

per month for the first 12 months only 



per month thereafter



150 to 481

per month for the first 12 months only



per month thereafter

Check out our product comparison table

We understand purchasing a Licence to deliver the Onero programme may be a significant investment for your business.  The following table illustrates the considerable value for money of the Onero pricing structure in comparison with other online exercise products. 

None of those plans fit?

GP Clinic / Hospital Plan / Community

Email or call on the number below to find out how large successful GP clinics or hospital gyms implement Onero.

Academic / Educational Plan

Email or call on the number below to find out our educational or university institutions implement Onero.

(07) 3391 5510

What everyone gets:

Onero Academy

Full access to Onero Academy course.

Directory Listing

Your business details listed so consumers can find you.

Contribute to research

Full access to our methods to assess and record client outcomes.

Coaches manual

A 30-page PDF coaches manual describing all the exercises and how to coach them in the osteoporotic demographic.

Certificate of Completion

Plus 11 CPD points from ESSA.

Professor Belinda Beck

Pre-recorded seminar on Bone Fundamentals.

6 ready made Onero templates

Saving you hours in exercise programming.

Assessment manual

A 15 page PDF outlining and describing all the functional assessments and how to perform them in the osteoporotic demographic.


Marketing materials

Brochures and logos to be used for clients to download and take to GP.

Different length classes

How to retain time-poor clients.


We have assembled a group of experienced, energetic and motivated people that can help you.

Our top 11 co-morbidities

The top 11 co-morbidities you need to know about to help you prepare for these challenging clients.

Generic web-page

An easy to implement HTML page explaining Onero on your web-site plus links to Osteoporosis Australia.  Comes with instructional video.

Case-studies and Research

VIP licensees have access to two links to The Bone Clinic's case-studies and research page so potential clients can digest the research and read about the positive results.

Equipment starter kit

The how, why, what and where on equipment and layout of room.

6 monthly webinars

Presented by The Bone Clinic directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • FEES
  • features
  • Licence


All fees are exclusive of GST.

Sole Trader Licence Cost

For the first 12 months ONLY:

The Sole Trader licence allows up to 2 coaches.  

Coach 1:  $150 / month

Coach 2:  $135 / month

Then $80 / month thereafter

The first 12 months is to pay for the training cost, the licence is FREE for the first 12 months.

Clinic Licence Cost

For the first 12 months ONLY:

The Clinic licence allows up to unlimited coaches.  

Coach 1:  $150 / month

Coach 2:  $135 / month

Coach 3:  $127 / month

Additional:  $55 / month

Then $165 / month thereafter

The first 12 months is to pay for the training cost, whilst the licence is FREE for the first 12 months.

Monthly Subscription

After the first 12 months, the monthly subscription keeps your Licence current and valid.  We also ensure the fidelity of the program by QAing your classes (prior approval required from you), the data is also QA'd.  Plus full business support.


You can cancel at any time (except for the first 12 months).  There is no cancellation fee.  If you cancel the monthly subscription you will no longer hold a valid Onero Licence and can no longer run Onero classes. Your business directory listing will be revoked and your location will be automatically removed from the Osteoporosis Australia web-site.  Access to the Onero database will be revoked.


The course will pay for itself many times over.  An increased client base justifies the cost of the Licence well beyond the benefits of the program.  We have a Cost Benefit Analysis spreadsheet that you could ask for so you can see the worse case scenario vs best case scenario.  

Annual Fee

There is a nominal annual fee, charged 12 months from the start of your Onero Academy course and annually thereafter, until you cancel.  On receipt of your annual fee, your yearly certificate (for every coach) will be automatically reissued.


The fee includes regular quality assurance checks to ensure ongoing fidelity of the program.  These are conducted either in person or via phone.


50% of the annual fee will be waived if you have entered more than 30 rows of data, with 95% accuracy and no data-cleaning is required.


The fee is $225 for a sole-trader and $460 for a Clinic.

How do I train additional coaches?

You don’t. Onero is NOT a trainer the trainer course.  The only way to become an Onero coach is for an individual to complete Onero Academy training and receive a certificate of completion.  

The Onero Academy fee for each additional coach at a single facility or provider location is $650 / person or $55 / month.