Product Comparison

We understand purchasing a Licence to deliver the Onero programme may be a significant investment for your business.  The following table illustrates the considerable value for money of the Onero pricing structure in comparison with other online exercise products.  An Onero Licence provides 22 services and bonuses.  The closest comparison in an online non evidence-based exercise product providing 3 services.

Cost per person:  $1,975

Cost per person:  $750

Cost per person:  $3800


Cost for 3 coaches *:  $5,926

Buff Bones

Cost for 3 trainees:  $2,250

Diploma (Pilates)

Cost for 3 trainees:  $11,400

Monthly Subscription:  $80 to $165





Published in scientific journals

Ongoing reporting at scientific meetings

Opportunity for Licencees to contribute to research

Acknowledgement in published works *


Brand recognition

Actively aligned by National Body

Consumer video on National Body website (coming soon)

Pre-approved National Body logo brochure

Licence Location Map on National Body website (coming soon)

Ready made Landing Pages for your website


Onero - Exercise for Osteoporosis Programme

Functional Assessments - Tracking client results

Onero Programme - How to run different classes

Content lectures from world expert in osteoporosis and exercise

Webinars from world leader in osteoporosis and exercise

Support during business hours *

Links to  successful case studies

Links to current research outputs



IP Theft Form *

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