The award winning
evidence-based exercise program

for osteoporosis

Onero is designed to be delivered by allied health professionals

working with the aging community.

Know the program.  Be in demand.

Plus earn 11.5 CPD points from ESSA Australia.

Voted Top 5 JBMR

The Journal of Bone Mineral Research is the highest-ranking bone journal in the world, publishing over 2,500 scientific papers a year.  In 2017, the publication on which the Onero program is based made the Top 5 JBMR ‘Attention Grabbing Papers.’

Winner ESSA 2018

A research presentation of the 3-year findings from The Bone Clinic received the ‘Practitioner Award’ at the 2018 Research to Practice meeting of ESSA.

Wall Street Journal

In April 2018, The Wall Street Journal published an article on the revolutionary Onero program for osteoporosis or osteopenia, closely followed by a similar article in The Australian.

In Focus:  Aging is a growth industry

Learn and be licensed to deliver the evidence-based exercise program for osteoporosis in a growing patient demographic, with self-paced online coursework.

The Onero Academy is accredited by Exercise Science and Sport of Australia and recognised by Osteoporosis Australia who are committed to exercise for bone health.

Relationships are key

And we've put you front and centre

Onero Academy

Key Features

Onero Academy sets you up with an effective evidence-based exercise program for osteoporosis to access a recognised stream of clients required to expand your business.

Secure and online

Access Onero Academy anywhere and anytime via a secure login.  Complete the course in your own time. As soon as you have completed the course, you can commence applying it in your business.


Included in Onero Academy is a 1-hour lecture by Professor Belinda Beck that will explain the evidence base that underpins the principles of Onero exercise training for osteoporosis.  You will also learn other important client-focused skills, such as how to read a bone density scan.


We understand that a steady stream of GP referrals is crucial to the growth of your business, but making and sustaining those connections is hard.  The Bone Clinic has done the leg-work for you. We are a recognised health service that more and more clinicians are recognising and depending on. Included in the License are pre-designed marketing materials that include web-pages and brochures to promote Onero. All logos, designs and creative are included as well as directions on how to implement them seamlessly into your website.

Powered by Serious Science

Key Features

The latest analysis of The Bone Clinic data shows that improvement was observed in every measured parameter and reached significance for:

Lumbar Spine BMD:  Increase of 4.0 to 4.1% (P<.0001)

Total Hip BMD:  Increase of 1.5 to 3.4% (P<.0001)

Femoral Neck BMD:  2.4 to 4.5%  (P<.0001)

Lean Mass:  1.8 to 4.1% (P<.0001)

Functional Reach: 8.1 to 12.0% (P<.0001)

Timed up and go:  12 to 12.8% (P<.0001)

Tandem Walk:  Increase of 20.5% to 28.8% (P<.0001)

Sit to stand:  Increase of 10.7 to 17.6% (P<.0001)

Back Extensor Strength:  Increase of 27.8% to 49.1% (P<.0001)

Previous 12m falls:  Decreased 45% (P<.053).  We recorded 45 falls the year before compared to 25 the following year.

Previous fractures:  Decreased 91.7% (P<.0001).  We recorded 24 fractures the year before compared to 2 the following year.

The Client

Key Features

Offering a great exercise program that can change lives isn’t very useful if no-one signs up for it, right?  We've got you covered.

Directory Listing

One of the most important benefits of being a member of the Onero Academy is the inclusion of your business in an interactive map directory linked from Osteoporosis Australia's website so their consumers who live near your practice can find you.  A consumer video on OA’s website introduces Onero to over 10,000 unique visitors per month and identifies your practice as an accredited Onero deliverer.

Your role

When you complete the Onero Academy training, you will be sent a link to create your profile on the map directory.  Your only job is to create it and then maintain your profile with current information so clients can find you. All materials and instructions are included in the course.

Contribution to Research

Key Features

Join us in our research endeavours into reducing osteoporosis with exercise.

Functional assessments

We have included in the Onero Academy training, simple, validated methods to assess your clients to determine if the Onero training is working. While this is not a mandatory element of the License, it is extremely valuable to the greater research project in progress at The Bone Clinic, and your clients will love the feedback.

Your very own database

We have created a very simple process for you to capture data from your clients and 50% of your annual fee will be waived if the data you collect is usable (please see our definition of usable in FAQ).  We call this "citizen science". Be part of something bigger than the standard client consult.

Know the program.  Be in demand.

Start Onero Academy today.  11.5 CPD points ESSA accredited

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